Internationella kontakter

SEA relaterar till tre internationella organisationer.

1. EEA (European Evangelical Alliance)

EEA är ett nätverk av nationella allianser i 30 länder, vilka representerar över 10 miljoner evangelikala kristna i Europa.

”The European Evangelical Alliance brings together both the national Evangelical Alliances of Europe and a large number of pan-European mission agencies. It has existed as a regional group since the 1950’s, but traces its roots to the 1846 conference at which the World Evangelical Alliance was established. It serves as a meeting place, as a platform for common action, and as a voice for Europe’s Evangelicals.”

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2. WEA (World Evangelical Alliance)

WEA är ett globalt nätverk av evangelikala kristna och består av 121 nationella evangeliska allianser, vilka representerar över 335 miljoner evangelikala kristna.

”WEA seeks to strengthen local churches through national alliances, supporting and coordinating grassroots leadership and seeking practical ways of showing the unity of the body of Christ.”

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3. LCWE (Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization)

SEA relaterar till LCWE – Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization – och är en direkt fortsättning av den tidigare svenska Lausannekommittén.

”The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE) is an international movement for the purpose of encouraging Christians and churches everywhere to pray, study, plan and work together for the evangelization of the world.”

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